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Survey Software Recommendations

Our Assessment Committee is beginning to review survey software options. Do you recommend Survey Monkey or another commercial survey software program? Do you recommend or use open source programs such as LimeSurvey or others? We would love to know what you are using and if you are satisfied. Thanks! Rachel C. Lewellen Assessment Librarian W.E.B. […]

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Additional Commentary on Assessment by John Lombardi

John V. Lombardi, UMass Amherst chancellor and plenary speaker at the Library Assessment conference, writes in his regular higher education column that colleges and universities should provide detailed and data-based measurements to help students and parents make informed decisions about which schools to attend and what they can realistically expect from a college education. (Inside […]

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Introduction – Rachel Lewellen

I am an Assessment Librarian at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and am charged with developing an assessment program for the Library.  We are working to develop recurring and programmatic assessment efforts that will demonstrate accountability to the campus and help us use more data in our own decision making.   I am excited about this blog and […]

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