Jefferson Public Library

Another fun highlight from yesterday was the way I became aware of the “Getting a Good Read” piece. So I receive an email from a Jefferson Public Library that is interested in LibQUAL+. Well, we do have a dozen brave public libraries that have implemented LibQUAL+ and surprise surprise — one of them is Jefferson County Public Library (they did the survey three times!).

So being a little naive (and Greek) I thought the email was from our long standing good client Jefferson Township Public Library and responded saying that it would be good to have a call anytime they wished since the rest of my day was not scheduled with meetings and phone calls. So, I did receive this call and behold it was a different Jefferson Public Library. The conversation was very pleasant and led to the way they found out about our LibQUAL+ service which was through the “Getting a Good Read” piece. So, it was the good people from the Jefferson Public Library in WI that brought to my attention the “Getting a Good Read” piece — Thank you!

Now can you guess how many Jefferson Public Libraries are there in the US? Hint: Many!

A quick Google search gives

About 26,200,000 results (0.41 seconds)

And the first listing is the

Thomas Jefferson Library – Fairfax County, Virginia

Our three timer LibQUAL+ public library is the Jefferson Township Public Library in NJ!

Do you think that Google is naive (and a little Greek) as well?

With loving fun,

Martha Kyrillidou

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