Two LibQual+ Questions

Last night I was speaking to a group of library school students about assessment, and realized that I’m not sure how demographics are collected when public libraries participate in LibQual+. What demographic categories are included, rather than faculty, undergraduate, etc.? Does anyone have some insight into this matter?

Additionally, we’re considering sending the survey to the entire university population, rather than taking a sample. Are there any drawbacks that we’re overlooking? We use LibQual+ every three years, and are not worried about survey fatigue, and are very motivated to increase our response rate dramatically. Advice would be much appreciated! Relatedly, does anyone have a particular sampling resource that they’d recommend?

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  1. Lisa Hinchliffe October 23, 2008 at 8:44 pm #

    I’m not sure surveying the whole population will increase your response *rate* – certainly seems likely to increase the number of responses. To increase the response rate, I’d look into ways to target following up notes “nagging” people to respond. But, it may be that doing the whole population will make it easy to send out the follow ups since you can do a more blanket marketing of “please respond” kinds of fliers, ads in student paper, etc.

  2. Martha Kyrillidou October 29, 2008 at 4:14 am #

    The LQ public library demographics are:

    * The library that you use most often:
    o Custom list specified by each institution
    * Age:
    o Under 18
    o 18 – 22
    o 23 – 30
    o 31 – 45
    o 46 – 65
    o Over 65
    * Sex:
    o Male (d)
    o Female (d)
    * Please check the category that best describes you:
    o Caregiver (d)
    o Employed full-time (d)
    o Employed part-time (d)
    o Full-time homemaker (d)
    o Full-time student (d)
    o Home schooled (d)
    o Retired (d)
    o Unemployed (d)
    * What is the last level of school you completed?
    o Less than high school (d)
    o High school (d)
    o Vocational school (d)
    o Some college (d)
    o Bachelors degree (d)
    o Graduate study / degree (d)
    * Do you have Internet access at home?
    o Yes (d)
    o No (d)
    * Do you consider yourself: (check one)
    o American Indian or Alaska Native (d)
    o Asian or Pacific Islander (d)
    o Black or African American (d)
    o Hispanic or Latino (d)
    o White (d)
    * Zip code: (fill in the blank)
    o Fill in the blank: 5 characters accepted

  3. Martha Kyrillidou October 29, 2008 at 4:17 am #

    I don’t see any major drawbacks for surveying the whole population — as usual pay attention to the representativeness of the different categories of respondents. You can do a major marketing campaign if you survey the population as Lisa indicates. If you go that route, plan for major and visible follow up.

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