Finding My Focus

Kawanna M. Bright
PhD Student in Research Methods & Statistics and Graduate Assistant, Office of Diversity and Inclusion
University of Denver

Before I decided to pursue my PhD, I earned 12 years of experience as a librarian, working my way up from resident librarian to head of a department. During that time I found myself thrown into the deep end of library assessment, hoping that I could stay afloat long enough to figure things out. After I decided to pursue a degree that would help train me in assessment methodologies, I found myself on a new path but with no sense of true direction. The opportunity to attend the 2016 Library Assessment Conference became a beacon on my path, as I hoped that I would find inspiration. After only the first two days, I had been inspired by one keynote, had the honor of introducing the second keynote, and immersed myself in the work of the practitioners who took the time to share their triumphs and their trials. What was the most difficult part about attending the conference? Not being able to be in two places at the same time. The vast number of high-quality sessions made it difficult to decide which sessions to attend, but the format of the conference (combining papers and presentations by topic) made it easier to plan what sessions to attend. In addition, the networking opportunities offered during the conference were key to the conference’s success. I highly recommend the Library Assessment Conference for anyone who does work related to assessment. Whether you are just starting out with your understanding of assessment in libraries, or have been working with assessment in libraries for a number of years, you will find something of interest at the Library Assessment Conference. And you will leave with new information, new energy, and, if you are like me, a new focus.

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