Reflections on the Library Assessment Conference

Hoan-Vu Do
Web Librarian
San Diego Public Library

Attending the 2016 Library Assessment Conference (LAC) was energizing and inspirational. It was my first time at the conference but I felt I found my tribe and met so many wonderful librarians carrying out interesting and impactful assessment in a variety of areas, including space, learning, collections, digitization, organizational issues, and services, among others. Before attending LAC my scope of possible assessment areas was limited to library programs and services, but there are so many more areas that we can look at to improve user experience in a variety of ways. Coming into the conference with a public library background, the subject of library space was foreign to me—I had never really looked at how users are using library spaces. Although the library space sessions were focused on the academic library, I’m inspired to carry out similar space assessment at my public library using the tools and methods that were discussed. I’m grateful for the opportunity to attend LAC and learn from so many librarians through their sessions and presentations.

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