Reflections on the Library Assessment Conference

Jennifer H. Gibson
St. Louis County Library

“With knowledge comes power, and with power comes great responsibility.” This phrase repeated in my mind throughout the 2016 Library Assessment Conference (LAC). Sitting in a workshop with Martha Kyrillidou left me in awe of her vast knowledge, a feeling which was magnified the following morning during the first plenary session. It was palpable, the power of the collective knowledge contained within the minds of 600-plus librarians in one room. In a gathering of that many librarians, it seems as if anything is possible! As the conference progressed, and as creative assessment techniques were shared among colleagues, ideas sparked and inspiration abounded. By fulfilling their responsibility to share their knowledge and experience, the conference presenters instilled in me the same knowledge and obligation. I became a more powerful librarian as a result of attending LAC 2016, and I know now that the true value of the travel award is priceless. I cannot thank the conference organizers and travel award committee enough for this opportunity, and I look forward to 2018!

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