ARL Library Assessment Forum

ARL Library Assessment Forum
Hilton Washington
Gunston Room
Friday June 25, 2010
1:30- 3:00pm

Please come and share your experiences regarding how libraries are using data to support budget reallocation and justifications, how data are driving our understanding of trends in funding higher education and libraries, and how we are surviving the tough economic climate.

Join the Library Assessment Forum scheduled to take place on Friday, June 25, at 1:30pm in Washington DC, and share your experiences.

Please let me know if you would like to make a brief (not more than 10 minutes) formal presentation to the group with a ppt. If you have a website at your library where you post materials related to this topic, please post the URL in response to the following post on the blog:

We will also have exciting news to share regarding the upcoming Library Assessment Conference to be held in Baltimore on Oct 25-27, 2010 (the registration is open now and an official press release is coming out soon).

Look forward to seeing you in DC!

Best regards,

Martha Kyrillidou
Senior Director, ARL Statistics and Service Quality Programs
Association of Research Libraries


PowerPoint presentations from the ARL Library Assessment Forum are now available for download:

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  1. Martha Kyrillidou June 9, 2010 at 1:57 pm #

    Rachel Besara and Kirsten Kinsley, both Assessment Librarians at Florida State University, plan to present a ppt titled, “Using Data to Pursue Alternative Funding Sources” at the ARL Library Assessment Forum – Friday June 25, 2010.

    Background Points:
    It would be a brief presentation on how a library run, night-time peer tutoring program began (and gained outside funding) using supporting data.
    –Tutoring subject areas were chosen based on high enrollment rate/high failure courses.
    –Night time tutoring filled a niche that no other campus tutoring program provided on campus. The choice to offer night-time tutoring was due to an large ethnographic study conducting in 2008 of 1300 students which discovered that a predominant number of FSU students study at night).
    –Student Government Association (SGA) provided funding and supported this library initiative in part because of the data the library collected about their students. As a result of tremendous growth and success of the tutoring program since its inception in October 2009, SGA has decided to once again reward the program money.
    — Students received free tutoring from hiring well-trained tutors from other campus tutoring programs, that were previous limited to daytime hours around campus.

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