ARL Survey Coordinators and SPEC Liaisons Meeting – June 25, 2010

We look forward to seeing you at the ARL Survey Coordinators and SPEC Liaisons Meeting

**Friday, June 25, 2010**
Hilton Washington
Gunston Room
1919 Connecticut Avenue Northwest
Washington, DC 20009
3:30–5:00 p.m.

We are planning to focus the meeting on a discussion of the analysis of the ARL profiles and a group of Research Library Leadership Fellows engaged in exploring the development of metrics from the profiles will discuss their efforts. Also, discussion will attempt to engage issues related to what Carole Pilkinton (Notre Dame) articulated below:

“A question has come up about ARL counting standards for e-books, and I wondered if a discussion about this issue would fit into your agenda for the Friday meeting at ALA. The specific question concerned Google Books that are digitized and in the public domain…about a million books meeting this definition are hosted by Hathi Trust, and bibliographic records are available. If an institution were to import copies of these records in their own online catalog, with links pointing to the digital full text hosted by HathiTrust, would these ‘count’ as part of the library collection? Any discussion about how others are counting e-book collections would be very useful. Some services such as Ebrary provide thousands of e-book records to be imported into a catalog for patron-initiated purchase–we don’t actually own the book until it is purchased, but technically we are providing access to the full text from each of those thousands of records. Do these records count since we are providing ‘access’ to the text? I’m sure there are other questions as well. If you think this is a good agenda item, it might even be a good idea to send out a message ahead of time to collect responses from ARL stats folks who might not be attending the meeting.”

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Lee Anne George will also be available to discuss SPEC Kit topics.

Martha Kyrillidou
Senior Director, ARL Statistics and Service Quality Programs
Association of Research Libraries


PowerPoint presentations from the ARL Survey Coordinators and SPEC Liaisons Meeting are now available for download:

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  1. martha kyrillidou July 6, 2010 at 8:56 pm #

    ARL Survey Coordinators
    Hilton Washington
    Gunston Room
    Friday June 25, 2010
    3:30- 5:00pm

    Summary of comments in response to Carole Pilkinton’s question about counting e-books:

    An analogy was drawn between CRL and Google Books/Hathi Trust. Libraries jointly own the CRL collection but do not count them as part of local collections. Further, there are so many pathways to Hathi that it cannot be known how users access those titles and whether it is appropriate to consider a use of a Hathi title as a use of the local library’s collection; the term “artificial count” was applied. Issues of ownership and access were raised. The future of the catalog was raised. EEBO as a purchased resource may be counted differently than a licensed resource to which access is provided.
    “Are we measuring the right things?” Participants were reminded to consider how the numbers will be used, which audience is being reached when making use of the data; are you petitioning for more space or more IT support? Use as a measure of value to the customer is a more appropriate metric. Are we capturing that metric?

    (by Ann Snowman for RLLF Fellows)

  2. martha kyrillidou July 6, 2010 at 8:56 pm #

    Provided by Ann Snowman for RLLF Fellows:

    Synthesis of feedback to Fellows’ presentation of themes emerging from Qualitative Profiles.

    Collaborative Collection Development
    • Collect measures that help us satisfy accountability to legislators, administrators, etc.
    Development and Fundraising
    • A quantitative measure would be of interest
    • Attention to how funds are used.
    • Human capital as a measure*
    o How development staff are hired, paid, how their time is spent

    Digitization/Digital publishing
    • Differentiate roles of library as author/host.
    • Expressed frustration with supplementary statistics
    o When methods at home change but supplementary statistics does not accommodate
    o Need to capture how resources are being used
    o Definitions need to be refined, not actually getting at the heart of the matter.

    • Trend worth exploring in light of NSF declaration assertion

    • Expand collection of data to include asynchronous activity.
    • Consider a way to capture the effort expended on development of materials.
    o Mention of Lib Guides, a hosted service.
    • Develop a metric that illustrates impact on the audience.

    Staffing changes and changing roles*
    • If buying aggregated packages what is role of subject specialist?
    o In general, changing roles in libraries
    • Organizational structures how are they changing?

    • Impact should be a guiding principal in collection of statistics.
    • Must justify time spent; don’t put more time and effort into gathering data than value of data merits.
    • Some topics may be more appropriate for Spec Kit surveys.
    • Need different stats that measure trends
    • Link measures to ARL strategic plan.
    • Quantitative measures should be comparable over time and contribute to a national context.
    • Must understand why people are using the measures in order to take a good measurement

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