ARL Survey Coordinators, SPEC Liaisons to Convene at ALA Midwinter

ARL Survey Coordinators, SPEC Liaisons to Convene at ALA Midwinter

January 7, 2011 – 3:30–5:00pm
San Diego Convention Center, Room 28A

A meeting of the ARL Survey Coordinators and SPEC Liaisons will be held on January 7, 2011, from 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., in San Diego in conjunction with the ALA Midwinter Meeting. The discussion will focus on the upcoming work of the Task Force on Reviewing the ARL Statistics, the ARL Supplementary Statistics and ARL Annual Salary Survey. Gordon Fretwell has agreed to serve as consultant to the ARL Statistics and Assessment Committee to move this work forward. People planning to attend the meeting are invited to come prepared to address the following questions:

1. Regarding the Annual Salary Survey:
a) Are there job categories that no longer make sense, either by their definition or the number of staff to whom the categories apply? Which ones?
b) Are there new job categories that you feel are needed in order to adequately describe work being done as research libraries transition to their future state? How do you describe them?

2. Regarding the annual Library Statistics compilation:
a) Are you asked to report statistics, which you feel are meaningless in research libraries as they transition to their future state? Which ones? Are you also asked to report them to the federal ALS survey (Statistics Canada for Canadian libraries)?

b) Are there new statistics/metrics that are helpful to describe the transition research libraries are making, which are not collected currently? What are they/how would you describe them?

3. Regarding Special Collections (If convenient, please discuss this with either the Head(s) of Special Collections and/or the Director of the Library prior to midwinter):
a) With specific regard to special collections (however organized within your library), do you feel the single statistic now collected (linear feet of manuscripts) is adequate?
b) What metrics do you feel can contribute to a broader picture of their breadth, size, use and intellectual/scholarly importance?

For more information, contact Martha Kyrillidou

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  1. Martha Kyrillidou February 8, 2011 at 12:49 pm #

    A presentation was made at the PARS forum and feedback collected on questions related to special collections. The powerpoint of the presentation made by Brinley Franklin (U of Connecticut), Martha Kyrillidou(ARL), and Gordon Fretwell (UMass/ARL consultant) is available at:

  2. Martha Kyrillidou February 22, 2011 at 7:09 am #

    Notes from Tara Kennedy

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