EBL and Library Assessment

Issue 1.4 of Evidence Based Library and Information Practice is now out. My colleague, Pam Ryan, has a thought provoking commentary in this issue, looking at the worlds of evidence based librarianship and library assessment — where they meet and where they diverge.

“If we are just now coming to understand our similarities, will our differences be enough that we wish never to be one movement and therefore forever remain as two solitudes in evidence-based practice?”

The journal allows for comments, adding to the discussion Pam has started. What do readers of this blog think?


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  1. Andrew Booth December 18, 2006 at 11:36 am #

    Basically EBLIP and library assessment are different sides of the same coin. Their main difference is their drivers. EBLIP is driven by a professional imperative to demonstrate effective and efficient practice. Library assessment is driven by a need to justify the existence and maintenance of your service.
    Another difference is in their vision – library assessment is rooted in current activity EBLIP has the potential to be more visionary – what could we be doing rather than what we are doing now.
    Two drivers, same route – perhaps the analogy is that they are simply driving on opposite sides of the same road!

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