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This piece mentions the 2006 Library Assessment Conference, the Lib-Value project, ARL related work, the ACRL Value report … a really good introduction. One of my Greek friends who read my facebook link to this piece finally got what I have been doing here in the US for the last twenty plus years beyond hopping from conference to conference!
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How valuable can libraries become?

By Andy Havens and Tom Storey

In the current economic climate, every dollar spent in support of libraries—whether public, academic, school or special libraries—is being more closely scrutinized than ever. In these circumstances, value calculations and Return on Investment (ROI) tools can provide powerful arguments for continued funding. In most cases, a snapshot of the value that your library provides will necessarily look backward, taking into account current services and resources. But are there ways to calculate value going forward? In an information landscape that seemingly changes from day to day, a view of your library’s future value may be an important consideration for budgetary analysis and planning.

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