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Mapping Collections to Academic Departments: How To

Is the sum of a library’s support for Gender Studies reflected in the sum of its “Gender Studies” budget? But what if both Gender Studies and Political Science faculty regularly contribute to the journal Gender and Development — and it is in the call number range for Sociology and is paid from a budget for Economics?   Under […]

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Data liberation of in-house library statistics

Have libraries used an institutional repository as a “container” for library-related statistics,  current or retrospective, and/or dumped sources of raw data into a web-based application, such as Nesstar, for collaborative viewing/sharing/manipulating within the institution? I have started exploring the idea of the IR as container, but we need to formulate a set of guidelines to […]

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LAC2008: Poster, “Proving Value and Preserving Staff Sanity: A Centralized Data Repository”

For a description of the poster, please see the abstract (#7, page 13). You can view the poster here. For those interested in the progress of the process described in the poster, you may contact Kay (kay.chapa@utsouthwestern.edu) or Scott (scott.carpenter@utsouthwestern.edu). On a related matter, an “Affinity Lunch Group” met on the last day of the […]

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